by Paul Stanfield on October 18th, 2017

Once upon a time, in a law firm far, far away, we labored for a little blog called: "Austin Technology Law Blog".  We made many erudite and prescient posts about such things as "What is this fad called cloud computing" and other posts that have similarly stood the test of time.  Because of laziness, inertia and a realignment of the firm, we let the little blog languish, much to the chagrin of our tens of readers.  Now, we are not going to bring sexy back but I am going to begin posting on subjects again that are interesting to me.  You can make up your own mind on how interesting they are to you.  If any of you really miss the old blog, we will not have the archives here but you can find some of them on the Wayback Machine.  Please stay tuned.



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